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Canaries in the Coal Mine – Part I

For the past month, four of the five major indices have been in pullback mode after three of the five spent the previous month digesting gains from the huge post-BREXIT rally…

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Not the Fetal Position

Last week, my theme focused on a pullback in the stock market. More importantly, my strong opinion was that …


Time To Stay Long and Strong

Similar to August 2nd when coiled up stocks broke to the downside and wiped out more than two weeks …

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Big Picture: Don’t Fall Asleep!

Heading into the new week, we have more of the same. Stocks are trading in an historically tight range. …

Desert Island

Will the “Island Top” Kill the Bull?

For a little over a week, I mentioned that a small pullback should be coming sooner than later. It wasn’t that I thought would be tradeable, meaning deep enough to take action, but stocks were a little tired…

Clown Parade

The Clown Parade Continues

I have been fairly aggressive in calling out the so called “masters of the universe” in their widespread and uniform calls for a stock market collapse for months.


Is THIS the Week the Sky Falls?

Roughly one month ago, after an historic lift off post BREXIT, stocks had become overbought which is a technical …

Trader Freaking Out

The Clown Parade

I read a stat last night that said only 1% of Americans hold off taking social security until 70. …

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