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Go Ahead, Make My Day

Although there were many “quotable quotes” last week, perhaps the best was Clint Eastwoods reprise of his most famous movie line…


Bullard Kills The Mood, But Gross Says Fed Easing ‘A Done Deal’

Although St. Louis Fed President James Bullard poured cold water on the bulls’ hopes yesterday that the Fed would initiate a third round of quantitative easing at next month’s FOMC meeting, PIMCO’s Bill Gross, the manager of the largest bond fund in the world, said Thursday that a Fed easing is a “done deal.”


Have We Seen The Kardashian Top?

Many market technicians were calling Tuesday’s action a “key reversal day.” However, those with a more vivid imagination may wind up calling it the Kardashian top…


Quotable Quotes and Notable Notes — August 20, 2012

The market put in some of the most somnolent trading of the year this week and tightest ranges, but the path of least resistance remained to the upside. The cliché, “Never short a dull market> comes to mind. Here’s what was being said on Wall Street…


Would You Invest In Corzine’s New Hedge Fund?

The latest potential career comeback for ousted GS CEO, former New Jersey Governor, and MF Global head honcho is rather curious. After vaporizing client assets at MF Global, Mr. Corzine is apparently considering…


From The Bear Camp: It’s 2007 All Over Again

Curtis Bergquist has been managing his client’s money in the stock market since the mid-1970’s. And at this stage of the game he remains an ardent Bear. Here’s why…

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